Human Factors MD Attends JDRF 2020 TypeOneNation Summit

Human Factors MD Attends JDRF 2020 TypeOneNation Summit

By Marissa Karagiannis, BA

Human Factors MD attended the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) 2020 TypeOneNation Summit in Charlotte, NC in January. 

The conference connected patients living with diabetes and their families and provided educational and fun resources to adults and children in the community. There were a variety of events such as cooking demonstrations, motivational speeches, medical advancement discussions, engaging workshops, and so much more. 

Our team was excited to learn about the latest advancements in diabetes treatment and share how human factors is vital for developing technology that supports diabetes management. We believe that diabetes education and empowerment are essential to understanding this condition and supporting those around us.

We are fortunate to have connected with many individuals and families in the Charlotte diabetes community and we are looking forward to attending other events in the future.