Corinna Proctor Joins Human Factors MD

Corrina Proctor

Human Factors MD is pleased to announce that Corinna Proctor has joined the company as a Senior Consultant. Corinna has nearly 20 years of experience employed in the field of Human Factors. She has worked in a variety of domains including medical hardware, health IT, and consumer / commercial IT product development. She has expertise in gathering user requirements and testing pre-market designs of hardware and software user interfaces. She has experience working with a variety of medical device categories as well as Health IT Electronic Health Record (EHR) testing and reporting. She is experienced in applying User-Centered Design activities into product development processes, as well as applying the requirements of IEC 62366-1, HE75, and various FDA Guidances to support the development of safe and effective medical products. Corinna holds a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Psychology from North Carolina State University.