Our Approach

Our work begins when you contact us with a need you think we can help with. We’ll ask you for the details, your desired outcomes, and preferred timeline. If we know we can help, we’ll propose a solution based on one or more of our services and create an outline for a proposal that highlights key project phases, activities, deliverables, expected timeline, and budget. When you’re ready to move ahead, we’ll create a formal statement of work for your company’s review and approval.

All of our projects start with a kickoff meeting (typically at your site), with all of the project stakeholders to review project objectives, introduce team members, and align expectations. We’ll ask you to nominate a point person in your organization to take primary responsibility for the project. On our side, we designate a Project Leader responsible for managing and communicating our teams’ activities, coordinating your teams’ involvement, and keeping you informed.

From the kickoff meeting forward, the process depends largely on the specifics of your project. To ensure a successful outcome, we establish several project management tools at the outset, including a schedule for regular project updates, team meetings, and teleconferences; and if desired, a password protected project website for tracking and distributing the project plan, documents, and deliverables.

Client Involvement

In the past, our clients have differed with respect to how much involvement they want in our activities. Some clients have wanted only updates on our progress, leaving the details of our work to us. Others have actively participated in project activities such as point-of-use studies and usability tests, in part, to gain first hand experience with human factors techniques. Our commitment is to work with you, to establish the right level of involvement for your team.