Our Experience

Numerous product design firms list “medical” as one of a number of product areas they work in. But the reality is that designing and evaluating medical devices isn’t like developing web sites, video games, or smart phone apps. That’s because most users of medical devices (e.g., physicians, nurses, technologists) are not “average” users. They have highly specialized domain knowledge and work in an area were safety and efficiency are critical.

At Human Factors MD, we recognize the value of clinical experience. Chances are, we’ve worked in your clinical specialty or a related domain. We’ve helped companies develop products for surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, attending physicians, GPs, nurses, respiratory therapists, imaging technologists, physicists, lab technologists, research scientists, and patients. Our work can be found in ORs, emergency and intensive care units, imaging departments, hospital pharmacies, outpatient clinics, research labs, doctors’ offices, and patient homes. Click here for a listing of some of our past and current clients.

Of course, our experience working in medical device development means we know the regulatory environment you operate in. We understand the QSR and Annexes of the MDD. We know the FDA’s guidelines on risk management and human factors, AAMI and ISO human factors standards, and how all of these apply to the design and development of medical products.

The right choice for a partner to help ensure the usability and safety of your next product is one with the skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to your domain.